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Here are just a few helpful

Things to Know when you Book

Before accepting any dogs into our facilities or Day Care, we require a copy of your pet's current vaccinations. They must be up to date on Rabies, Bordetella, & Distemper vaccinations.

dog food


We have plenty of metal food dishes for our guests' food & water, but we don't supply their food.  Please bring enough of their own food to last for the duration of their stay.

We have a few toys, but if your pet has a favorite, bring it along! We are able to provide beds for your pet, so please don't bring one from home, as it will likely get soiled or destroyed while here with us. A blanket or towel or toy to smell like home is always welcome.

Other Amenities

If you would like your dog to be walked every day during their stay with us, If you would like us to provide your dog with a peanut butter kong toy each day during their stay, etc., extra amenities like this can be accommodated for an additional cost if currently available. Ask us about what amenities we offer when you book!

Dog Walker
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